Hiring Movers: What To Know So It Doesn't Go Slow


If you dread moving and you have movers come to help haul your items to a new location, you want to get the move over with as quickly as possible. There are some things to take into consideration about the move, and ways that you can prepare for the movers so they can do their job and get everything moved quickly. Here are some tips to know. Be First, Not Last

1 August 2018

How To Make Sure Your TV Isn'T Damaged While Moving


One concern that everyone has when moving is if their belongings will make it to their new place in one piece. This is especially true of one of the most expensive electronic devices in your home, your television. WIth many of the 65 inch 4K TVs costing between one and two thousand dollars, you'll want to take some extra steps to make sure it is protected during a move. These tips will help you do it.

6 March 2018