Moving Without The Grief

When I told my husband that I got promoted and that we would be moving across the country, you should have seen the look on his face. He was clearly devastated, and I didn't know what to do to make it better. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I started working with him to help him to overcome his grief. We talked about how we could stay in close touch with family and friends, and how to make the move less stressful than other moves in the past. This blog is all about moving without the hassle and heartache.

4 Ways To Use Your Linens When Moving Houses


Bulky and unusual items are some of the most challenging things to pack up and transport to your new home during a move. Bedding and linens make up a big part of these bulky, odd elements in most households. What should you do with your bedding? How can you make it earn its keep during your move? Here are four things to consider.

1. Use It as Packing Material

Bedding and linens of all shapes and sizes make great packing material. Smaller towels, pillows, and pillowcases can be stuffed into boxes to fill empty spaces and reduce internal movement. Wrap fragile items in sheets and smaller blankets to protect these inside boxes. Take larger blankets, sheets, and comforters to wrap around big items — especially those which don't fit into other boxes. 

2. Fill Up Appliances

The choice to pack or not pack the interior of appliances such as the refrigerator and washer is a difficult one. While you don't want to waste this potentially valuable space, you also don't want to make appliances heavier than they must be. It also may not be a safe place to transport many items — either safe for the items or for the appliance's interior structure. Instead, use this big empty space to pack comforters and larger linens.

3. Protect Mattresses

Most people strip the bed linens from all mattresses when moving. But this exposes the mattress itself to damage, dirt, debris, and pests during the transportation. And, unfortunately, not everyone has moving blankets large enough to protect big mattresses.  Instead, choose an older or less important sheet and/or mattress cover to leave on each mattress for the trip. 

4. Save for Arrival

Don't pack up all your bedding and bathroom linens. Why? You'll need something when you arrive in your new home. After a long, challenging day — no matter how far or how local your move is — everyone deserves to pull out fresh linens and enjoy a relaxing shower and a good night's sleep. Hand-carry a set of linens for everyone in your personal items that aren't loaded on the truck. 

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for linens, comforters, mattresses, soft goods, and other household moving challenges? Find a local moving service. The movers can help you find the right place for everything and have a successful, stress-free move. They can also give you advice on how to prepare in advance for your move. 


11 August 2022