Moving Without The Grief

When I told my husband that I got promoted and that we would be moving across the country, you should have seen the look on his face. He was clearly devastated, and I didn't know what to do to make it better. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I started working with him to help him to overcome his grief. We talked about how we could stay in close touch with family and friends, and how to make the move less stressful than other moves in the past. This blog is all about moving without the hassle and heartache.

3 Pro Moving Tips That Make the Process Less Stressful


Most people dread moving because they believe it's the most stressful activity one can undertake. Rightly so, relocating can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don't have the needed equipment and workforce. However, it does not have to be this way. You can start the planning immediately you decide to move to simplify the process. 

Most importantly, partnering with a dependable moving company will ease the anxiety of losing your valuables or getting them damaged during transit. Take a look at some essential tips to enable you to achieve a successful move.

Make Utility Transfers 

Few people think about their utilities when moving into a new house. As a result, you will arrive at the new home only to discover there is no water, gas, or electricity. You can avoid the stresses of calling the utility companies to reconnect your utility lines by handling the transfer before the move. 

That means you have to visit the new house beforehand and call the company to reconnect you to the services. You will have an easier time moving into the new home when you have already updated the services. 

Choose What Is Safe for the Children

One of the crucial considerations to make during relocation is the safety of children and pets. The worst mistake you could make is having little kids around on the day of the move. That is because they will get stressed about the change and become cranky. And of course, their crankiness will disrupt your work. Besides, the kids may get injured as the movers lift the furniture and other bulky items. 

Therefore, an excellent way to handle the process is by taking the little ones to a motel or friend's home until you are through. By doing this, you will minimize their risk of getting hurt. 

Hire Professional Services

For many people, moving is an activity they can carry out with the assistance of a few friends and a van for hire. However, there is a lot more at stake. For example, you might not have the right lifting equipment, making loading and unloading tedious. 

Furthermore, you could hurt your back or acquire other injuries in the process. The possibility of dropping and damaging the furniture is higher when handling the move without professional help. 

Consult trusted and reliable movers close to you to execute a successful move. With the professional guidance of a local mover, you will carry out a smooth and stress-free relocation. 


24 February 2022