Moving Without The Grief

When I told my husband that I got promoted and that we would be moving across the country, you should have seen the look on his face. He was clearly devastated, and I didn't know what to do to make it better. Instead of focusing on the negative things, I started working with him to help him to overcome his grief. We talked about how we could stay in close touch with family and friends, and how to make the move less stressful than other moves in the past. This blog is all about moving without the hassle and heartache.

A Month Before the Move: 3 Ways to Save Money and Stay Ahead of Schedule


Sometimes house moves are sudden and without a lot of time to plan. If your move has been planned for several months, then you have the luxury of making the process go as smoothly as possible. It's easy to procrastinate and put the preparation off, but around four weeks before the move is the ideal time to start planning seriously. By starting well ahead of the moving date, you have the decisions and control in your own hands. You can save money, remain organized, and have the services in place to help everything go as smoothly as possible. Use this guide to help you start implementing various plans and services one month before your move is scheduled to take place. This can make a huge difference on your stress levels during this chaotic time.

Moving Quotes

Doing research and finding out about local moving companies can make a big difference in the services that you choose. When seeking the services of a moving company to help with the process, one of the first things you can look for is a moving quote. Companies can provide quotes for various moving services. Obtaining a quote ahead of time will help you budget and plan on what type of services that you need for the move. The quote is typically broken down into several factors. One of the main factors is the distance of the move. The size of your home is also a factor that plays into the quote. An apartment will typically have lower moving costs when compared to a large home. Extra services like packing or unpacking can also impact the whole quote amount.

Once you have received your quote, you also have plenty of time to compare the quote with other moving companies. Getting multiple quotes will help you choose the best options and save the most money on specific services. Some moving companies may want to know your other quote amounts so that they can offer you a lower price on the services. Starting this process a month before the moving date gives you the time and ability to shop around and make the best decision for your budget.

Storage Units

Even if your new home is not ready, you can get the moving process started a month early by utilizing storage-unit rentals. A lot of moving companies offer transitional storage-unit rentals and can include these prices as part of the moving quote. Before you move, there will be specific items like cookware and clothing that you will still need. A storage unit allows you to start moving items that are not needed at the home. For example, if you're moving in autumn, then you can use a storage unit to hold a lot of outdoor items like patio furniture, grills, and sports equipment. During the month before the move, you can slowly start filling the unit. Once your new home is ready, it will be easy to unload the unit and start bringing items to the new property. A moving company may even offer packing and unpacking services that will unload the storage unit for you.

Work Schedules

During a move, it can be hard to juggle work schedules and find the proper times to complete specific tasks. By planning thirty days ahead of time, you can figure out the best times to schedule moving dates and utilize the services of moving companies. You can request days off if you need to or figure out the best times before or after shifts that will make it easiest to move. Waiting to figure this out is only opening up the potential for problems and extra stress. Use a real or digital calendar to fill in your ideal moving dates. This can also help you obtain moving quotes because moving companies charge different rates for specific days of the week. You can use the cheaper moving-rate estimates to schedule your days off and save money in the long run.

Contact moving companies to get detailed quotes and pricing on the various moving services that you seek.


10 October 2016